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Take a seat Academy is an online school that teaches cutting edge business tools and techniques that you won't learn at any university.

The courses are designed to develop individuals involved in organisations as well as business owners.

Participate in a fully professional, social, engaging and interactive online school.

Learn from entrepreneurs and fast track your business or career   

Benefits of our training programs

Start in investing in personal development that can improve you, your family and your business


Our training courses include live webinars, live coaching sessions, as well as one-on-one sessions. We want every single candidate to walk away, a changed person and we know that providing quality material is a non-negotiable to achieving this


Online training can be difficult as you don't have all the social queues of face to face training. To help you reach success with our courses we have built in accountability and social systems to keep you focuses and on track 


Our founder has over 25 years of family business experience in the trenches of running multimillion dollar businesses. Our courses are not an academic regurgitation of information, but rather practical techniques that can fast track your business and life

Build a legacy

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of making a living and building a family business in these economic conditions? Are you unsure how to decide what you should be doing in life?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with money? Are you sick and tired of managing family business conflict ?

Studying with us will help you learn how to find your personal and family business purpose, understand how rich people think about money, and how to build a healthy family business legacy that will outlast you. We will leave you with smart strategies to optimize your performance and satisfaction in life and in business.

Our courses

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

Key things that stood out about the course was the great interaction from the presenter. He kept me focused at all times and made the course very insightful and fun at the same time. I was forced to identify my talents and passions and it just changed my whole world!
I am now busy with a third course at the Take A Seat Academy and I have thoroughly enjoyed and been challenged by each one I have taken. My way of thinking and doing things has changed since my first course, the Life Accelerator, which I would recommend to everyone. Kevin is a great instructor that is purpose-filled, caring about his students and keeps you engaged throughout the course.. 
foula loucaides
The name of this course is so fitting. Instead of just allowing you to find your purpose this course gives you the tools to step into your purpose, literally accelerating your life. It adds so much value to your daily life and ties everything together. Kevin answered questions I never knew I even had. This course challenges you to find your purpose for yourself and in doing so I found so much more than that. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to take big steps towards their future.
Alisha Lombard
After the collapse of my first business, my confidence and hope went with it. This course felt like the breakthrough I desperately needed. I now know exactly what my purpose is, I have branched out into different types of business and most importantly It gave me back my confidence in my God given abilities. I recommend it to anyone who needs a reset..
Rachel Letsoalo
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